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Mobile Nebula

Play Store | App Store

Setting up dev environment

Install all of the following things:

Ensure your path is set up correctly to execute flutter

Run flutter doctor and fix everything it complains before proceeding

NOTE on iOS, always open Runner.xcworkspace and NOT the Runner.xccodeproj

Before first compile

  • Copy env.sh.example and set it up for your machine
  • Ensure you have run gomobile init
  • In Android Studio, make sure you have the current ndk installed by going to Tools -> SDK Manager, go to the SDK Tools tab, check the Show package details box, expand the NDK section and select 21.1.6352462 version.
  • Ensure you have downloaded an ndk via android studio, this is likely not the default one and you need to check the Show package details box to select the correct version. The correct version comes from the error when you try and compile
  • Make sure you have gem installed with sudo gem install
  • If on MacOS arm, sudo gem install ffi -- --enable-libffi-alloc

If you are having issues with iOS pods, try blowing it all away! cd ios && rm -rf Pods/ Podfile.lock && pod install --repo-update


flutter format can be used to format the code in lib and test but it's default is 80 char line limit, it's 2020


flutter format lib/ test/ -l 120


Update version in pubspec.yaml to reflect this release, then


flutter build appbundle

This will create an android app bundle at build/app/outputs/bundle/release/

Upload the android bundle to the google play store https://play.google.com/apps/publish


In xcode, Release -> Archive then follow the directions to upload to the app store. If you have issues, https://flutter.dev/docs/deployment/ios#create-a-build-archive